Previous. Creative director and founder, Karin Haase-Sehr comes from a background in architecture, interior design and 17 years experience in production design for film, music videos and commercials in Europe, Asia, South America and USA.
A life long interest in international design and fashion, along with a distinguished sense for upcoming trends and a passion for environmental and social awareness have led to her vision for 2121 events.
Karin has worked with clients such as Mercedes, Master Card, Samsung, Ikea, McDonalds, Nintendo, as well as artists Christina Aguilera, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, Sting, Marilyn Manson, Chris Cornell, Whitney Houston, George Michael to name a few.
For more information, please go to karinhaase.com

Opportunity Green 2121 creates a design concept with the intent to curate a stylish event of sustainable and conscious design, providing a one of a kind visual experience for the movers and shakers of the ‘green’ movement at this years Opportunity Green. While it is our passion to incorporate sophisticated sustainable design at every event, we keep strong focus on functionality, encourage interactivity and communication among participants.

TreePeople 2121 designs and curates Harvest Moon, TreePeople's annual fundraiser, exclusively incorporating onsite materials, such as tools and items from the nursery, into their installation works and social lounge areas to minimize waste and the carbon footprint associated with transportation and shipping. 2121 is proud to have created virtually zero waste upon completion and breakdown of this event as all design elements return to their intended purpose or are reintroduced back into the supply stream after the event while a minimal amount of discarded materials were either recycled or biodegradable.

GOOD magazine and B-Corporation trade show booth - 2121 provides concept, design and production management for an environmentally conscious and interactive exhibition booth to debut at 'Green festival' in San Francisco, 2008. Mood boards and illustration are created to determine concept and design of the space. booth details ...

HEX and other display systems. Hex is a modular display piece that incorporates moveable shelving and panels for graphics and information. Created with reused salvaged utility shelving posts refinished with durable and environmentally sound powder coating. Pieces can be easily assembled and rearranged to fit a range of spaces and purposes.

stitchLA is a nonprofit endeavor with 'DWC' woman shelter in downtown Los Angeles. 2121 holds workshops teaching woman how to fabricate fashionable and functional canvas bags designed and printed by 2121. The image of a woman's face on the bag was created using words associated with homelessness.

EcoDisc - 2121 develops design concept for initial branding and presentation for the US launch of their eco friendly DVD medium. References collected on a mood board serve as initial visual guideline for the client, to help shape art direction. 3D illustrations are created to determine the look of the simple but sophisticated appearance at a US trade show. 2121 designs and creates the set for EcoDisc's print ad. Recycled set pieces and materials from the movie industry were used to create the 'grass' office. The rented set objects were then covered with rented pieces of artificial turf in order to deliberately avoid waste. details ...

redcarpet. is created from recycled, reused red sweaters hand stitched onto environmental friendly rug pad made from natural rubber and jute. ‘Access Hollywood’ and our commitment to sustainable design inspired us to create the red carpet with ‘Excess (from) Hollywood’. At the same time redcarpet is a functional ‘tres chic’ new object with attitude.

napkin rings made from sustainable, reused materials and repurposed objects.

candle holders made from reused, repurposed glass wear.

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